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Maschine Zeit Demo

I wish to run a demo adventure for Maschine Zeit, a new RPG system written by the excellent David A Hill Jr.    This would be an adventure for 5 people on a saturday afternoon and potentially into the evening.   Would anyone be interested in such?  If not yourself, feel free to pass this message along to any other interested parties. 

The Game:  For the sake of this adventure, everyone knows that the stations, huge floating living facilities just inside the Earth's atmosphere used to fill the skies. A few years ago, an unknown scientific phenomenon (like a solar flare) ripped through the stations, causing many of them to fall to the ground, into the ocean or off into space. Some of the stations stayed in the air but rumor has it that they are very dangerous. Strange new radiation has caused the stations to become questions of scientific curiosity,  as well as huge floating opportunities for profit. Everyone’s reason for going up there is different, but the stories are often very similar. The thousands and thousands of people who died during the Cataclysm might not be as gone as all would hope.


Canada day boardgaming

I would be happy to have people over to my place for some board gaming on the afternoon of Canada Day. Would anyone else be interested in such if it occurred?

Possible games could include Senji, Pandemic, Carcassonne, Age of Gods or Roborally, just at a quick glimpse at my collection.

Boardgame evening Tuesday the 28th

I would like to have a generic boardgame evening over at my apartment in Westboro. This would be on Tuesday the 28th, between 6pm at the earliest and ending at midnight at the latest. Would anyone be interested in attending such an evening? Please RSVP and afterwards I will be able to message you with directions.

The games I own.
Sorry that the game of Senji didn't manage to happen and thank you to my kind playtesters. It was a good afternoon for those of you who were able to attend.

Senji and Playtesting on Sunday

The board game and playtesting will be on Sunday the 4th. Approximate duration is from 11.30 till 6.30, though it will likely finish off with food. Senji from Noon till approximately 2pm. Playtesting from approximately 2pm till 6pm.

Directions sent via PM.

Boardgame and Playtesting

I would like to run a Board Game (Senji) followed or preceding playtesting of the RPG I am writing and would propose to do so on Saturday January 3th or Sunday January 4th. Is there any interest for either/or?

Genesis of the community

I created this community to serve the gamers in and around Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The purpose of the community is chiefly to support one-shots, limited run campaigns and playtesting. I plan on running all three varieties of session in the future and intend to use this community to advertise these beforehand and recruit players. Please feel free to do the same.

Hope this is useful to all of you and that you have some great gaming in the times to come.